Forget-me-nots — sterling silver wedding ring
SKU: 4090-2
SKU: 4090-2

Forget-me-nots — sterling silver wedding ring

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Sterling Silver
Base width:
~ 5,5 mm
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We’ve lived in our body for hundreds of hours. Our eyes have met thousands of mornings, joyful ones with a sunny smile and sad ones as well, with wrinkles of tears and fog under our eyebrows. 

Our arms have known dozens of hugs - sincere, loving, passionate, gifting, as we as those unloving, cold and repulsive. Our fingers have known millions of touches: gentle, careful, firm, incompetent and confident, persistent. 

Our feet have seen thousands of steps taken and roads travelled. We have thousands of smiles on our lips mixed with kisses, intimate insults, joyful laughter, soft greetings. Our hair contains the warm sea wind and the sharp rain, as well as the sizzling sun and the roar of thunder. 

No matter what has been with us, strangely enough, it all passes by. Time and space flow through our fingers, leaving traces that are also not eternal. 

And so what? Shall we cry, grieve, or suffer because of things that lie beyond our comprehension? Never. 

Just live and laugh. Love, fall, rise, break through the dawn, put the pieces of it back together again. Love as sharply and truly as ever! Collect memories in your warm palms and protect them as you would protect those you cherish most, guarding them in your heart under three locks. Nothing is eternal, and well, that’s all right. 

‘Never forget me. And I shall not forget you either,’ said the Creator to the forget-me-not. We are the creators of our memories. No one but us is able to grow them from air and ashes, to breathe life into the fragile sculpture of reality and make tangible what previously had neither flesh nor form. 

And it is love, real and tangible, is the clearest proof that mankind is made up of creators. 

All of reality is subject to feelings and actions, and that’s how it was planned from the start. Love, and the world around you will change. Love, and meet the morning as the happiest of people. Love and be close to those who see you, who understand you, who agree to divide one world into two. 

‘Forget-me-not’ is a collection of happy memories, a gift that guards the shadow of a loved one. Jewellery that defies space and time. 

Love and you will never be forgotten.

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