Waves — mokume wedding ring of palladium gold and etched silver
2 599.00€
SKU: 7136
SKU: 7136

Waves — mokume wedding ring of palladium gold and etched silver

2 599.00€
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Palladium 14K gold, sterling silver
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Technique mokume gane — is multifaceted as life itself. It can be applied in thousands of different jewelry, weapons, luxury items or beautiful daggers.

Mokume cannot be compared to anything ordinary. This technique is splendid, exceptional, evoking pure admiration, when a true master touches the metals, the tools he uses to create something new and beautiful. It’s weird how many worlds coexist in our universe, and every culture could give us a whole range of wonderful life stories.

In the case of mokume, it was the Japanese culture that gave us the background for creation and improvement of this technique. Every ring becomes exceptional, and even we cannot predict the final result coming from under the experienced hands of the jeweler. 

Mokume gane wedding ring enchant, hypnotize, attract the eye. So beautiful and uncommon, that kings and emperors of ancient times used to wear it. And today each of us can wear it as well, feeling a touch of civilizations and power of the art world.

Our ring from the «Mokume» collection just cannot make you think otherwise. It is so charming, so royal.

It is made of a рalladium gold combination as well as etched and oxidized silver. Looks exquisite, isn’t it?

NOTE: production time may take 3-4 weeks.

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