Absolute — ring made of white 14K gold
1 599.00€
SKU: 5143-2
SKU: 5143-2

Absolute — ring made of white 14K gold

1 599.00€
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Manufacturing time 25 business days
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White 14K gold
Base width:
~ 5 mm
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The Absolute needs no proofs or explanations. It knows no limits or doubts. It glows with fantastic perfection, illuminating all possible manifestations of beauty and harmony. The absolute gives wings to anyone who strives for perfection. It fills the hearts with passion and inspiration to achieve the impossible. 

Love is the Absolute in physical form on this planet. It is the eternally living energy You know, invisible power that drives this world. the energy which makes history, unites countries, inflames and ends wars, encourages feats, inspires for improvements and stimulates progress. Love makes hearts deep and souls bright. Love makes You suffer, believe, yield, sacrifice and create. Love endows us with a subtle sensuality. It gifts us with perfection. The perfect form of Absolute. 

You won’t find Absolute in anything material. We tend to be disappointed even in something that used to be perfection in the beginning. Something we admired. But sincere deep love, as the symbol of the Absolute, can give us a hint of what true excellence is. Love that passes all possible trials, intricacies of destiny and numerous sharp turns, can be truly called the embodiment of the Absolute. 

The «Absolute» ring is made by us for the hearts that know no limits in their feelings and believe that true love has no end.

The elegant ring is made of precious white gold.

The ring of Absolute convey the idea that all possible faces of characters, all the colors and shades of relationships, the whole variety of human feelings can unite into one perfect absolute energy, whose name is Love. 

The final cost depends on the size and weight.

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