Grail — golden ring with emerald and diamonds
7 299.00€
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SKU: 1833

Grail — golden ring with emerald and diamonds

7 299.00€
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Yellow 18k Gold
Emerald 7,7 x 5,5 mm, diamond — 18 pcs. (0.24 ct)

It was under the guard of the Knights Templar. All the rulers on the world sought to claim it as their own. Leonardo da Vinci painted it in The Last Supper. King Arthur's Knights quested in search of it. 

In ‘Parzival’, it is written that ‘if a man lays eyes on the Grail, he shall be healed forever. Be they maiden or man, whosoever possesses the stone will know eternal youth.’ 

The Holy Grail. A source of wisdom and immortality. The most mystical of legends and one of the world’s biggest unsolved mysteries. 

Legends claim that the Grail is an emerald bowl. Other legends present it as a stone, and others still claim that it has no physical shape. 

Which one is to be believed, you ask? First believe in yourself. Your heart will tell you the whole truth about the Grail if you really want it to. And even if it is really just a metaphor, it is most important one of all. 

Only a pure soul can see the Grail and only an open heart can accept it. Only those who walk in light can comprehend it. 

Its form has no significance. It is the content that makes the form perfect. 

Take care of the person that you are. A Grail was given to each of us when the world was created, when the Word was first uttered, when love became the foundation of the universe. 

The beauty of the Grail befits the beauty of your soul. We do not know whether we have succeeded in perfectly conveying the form of the soul, but please know that we tried very hard. Just as it is difficult for an artist to draw the Universe, we face a task of no less complexity when we seek to reproduce the most beautiful things in it. 

We made your "Grail" from 18 carat gold, decorating the golden caste with an emerald of angelic purity and a frame of yellow diamonds. 

Open your heart and accept the Grail into it.