Neaizmirstiet — baltā zelta smaragda gredzens
SKU: 5588
SKU: 5588

Neaizmirstiet — baltā zelta smaragda gredzens

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White 14K gold
Emerald 2 mm
Black rhodium
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It took the Sun billions of years to emerge from a gas cloud. Another billions of years for the Earth, the water and life appear in space. God did a great job!

One day, he got up at the break of dawn to enjoy the beauty of the world he had created. Giving it a satisfied look, a blessed smile appeared on his sunlit lips. Determined to have a morning coffee, God approached the table by the window — there was a coffee pot made of evening stars web. Suddenly, when reaching out to pour some coffee, there was a delicate and ardent knock on the door. 

Of course, it did not bother the perfection of this morning ritual in any way. Actually, he doesn’t know what anger is. Because God is the only one to understand the reason for every action in the whole Universe. So he put aside what he was doing and headed for the door to greet an unexpected guest. 

Having opened the door, he frowned in surprise, as there was no one behind it. Is that supposed to be a joke? He gifted mankind with complete freedom, and this turned not enough, so they decided to tickle the daily routine of the Creator. But in a moment he looked down and noticed the most tender blue flower with shiny eyes. The flower gazed mischievously at the Creator, filled with grim childish determination. 

«Father, — she said. — How could You do that to me? You created the universe, the Earth and breathed life into various incredible beings. And each of them, each! — has a name. How come You forgot about me, Father? Why does everyone have a name, except me?»

A timid excitement trembled in these yellow eyes, when she gave her hasty speech. Naive, she was afraid to incur the rage of the Creator, and at the same time, she could not keep the insult in her heart. 

The Creator smiled with his warmest beam. He leaned to the very ground from the height of his enormous stature and gently lifted the flower at his fingertips. He looked at it with his liquid eyes of angel’s wing color, and said peacefully: «Yes, my dear, I created You from a heaven fabric and a piece of sunlight. I also created a man from stardust. I did not give people any names, as I dreamed they would be the stars which would come up with their own ones. I wanted a man to be whoever he wants, not what he was called. I did not want to manipulate his choice. 

But if You insist....Remember one thing: I have never forgotten and would never be able to forget You. I shall not forget of any being, even if I stop realizing myself being God. Because You are the reason I call myself the Creator. 

And You shall not forget about me either. Let it be our secret. Remember how we met, as Your righteous anger was my luck, no less than Your existence. From this moment, Your name shall be the „Forget-me-not“. You’re my memory, and You will give it to others as well. And especially to those, who cherish their memories more passionately than any treasures.»

Forget-me-nots. Maybe a moment would be enough to forget a life, but sometimes, a whole life is not enough to forget a single moment. Memories and love go deeper into a heart than wounds. And wounds heal, dry up, but love has no end. 

Give a «Forget-me-not» ring to the woman, who makes You forget about all the dates, talks and worlds, but remember only one date, one look, one word. And keep Your memory, because it was given to You for the purpose we do not know yet.

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