Soul and body — golden pendant with yellow gold surfacing
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SKU: 1467

Soul and body — golden pendant with yellow gold surfacing

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Yellow 14k Gold
Square is 13 x 13 mm, height with eyelet — 17 mm
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Through centuries the prominent philosophers argued what came first, body or soul? They disputed endlessly, wrote many treatises, spent hours discussing metaphysics. The intelligent confrontation hovered over the heads of the great men, and they could not agree.

And then William Blake said Man has no body distinct from his soul; for that called body is a portion of a soul discerned by the five senses. Man is the universe, not its part. The soul is organic and resonates with the human body, inspiring it for great accomplishments. 

A soul is a string and a body is a violin. So easy to explain, so easily understandable.

As Victor Hugo said: «No external beauty can be complete unless it is enlivened by the inner beauty». We are created according to the sketch of the universe, which means that we have infinity, determination and power over our spirit. Never give up, never lose your heart, never get disappointed in yourself! Remember, there are billions of stars, millions of galaxies and thousands of planets behind your back.

A human cannot be just a body, a movement or a cluster of neurons. It cannot be just a breathing machine and a heart muscle. No way! A man is a mystery that we are trying to resolve through our entire life. It would see here we are — eyes, hands, hair. But behind the cells and tissues there are so many processes going on that it is hard to imagine. It would seem, here it is — a gait, a language, a character. And behind the external terms so many inner experiences and lives lived. 

Love is the first link in the chain that connects body and soul. Initially, there was love of the universe and breathed life into our existing. Then came the love of a man; every day it changes the world.

The Tree of Life on the inner surface of the pendant enhances them with harmony and mental balance.

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