Mystery of future generations: Blossom — silver pendant with gilding and oxidation
SKU: 4159
SKU: 4159

Mystery of future generations: Blossom — silver pendant with gilding and oxidation

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Manufacturing time 25 business days
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Sterling Silver
~ 5,8 g
Oxidation and Gilding
Height — 32 mm, width — 25 mm.
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There are trees that guard the secrets of future generations. They grow on hills where the past and future meet, flowering just before the birth of a new human being. This is how the stories of new generations begin, and your story is no exception. 

Discussions about «the importance of family» are exceedingly common, but have you ever thought about how much is contained within that phrase? Have you ever considered the fact that you received the amazing cut of your eyes from your great-grandfather? That there will be talented artists in your family a few centuries from now simply because you are currently working on your painting skills? That the corners of your great-grandchildren’s lips, so very unique that they allow you to recognize your own blood, will bring a smile to your face someday? There is so much power in what we are!

To accept one’s peculiarities means to accept one’s entire family and receive its support. The family tree has strong roots, yet so often we think only of its fruit. Our mysterious genetic code helps us to feel our way through life and gives us the courage to be faithful to our path, in which lies our ultimate truth.

There, where time stops on the hill, where generations embrace, passing love to one another. There, where the Tree grows, holding on to the life it has been given. The «Secret of Future Generations» pendant is a symbol of genetic memory and a way of life through which we enjoy the support of both our past and our future.