Enchanted peak — silver tanzanite pendant
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SKU: 1043

Enchanted peak — silver tanzanite pendant

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Sterling Silver
Tanzanite 4 mm
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It is said that the most beautiful sensations of the human soul can be felt in two places in nature: at sea and in the mountains.

The sea relaxes the body, giving it the gift of rest. The mountains refresh the senses, hardening a person’s body and emotional intellect, making their spirit rise above the ground and soar like a bird over the snow-capped peaks.

At sunrise and sunset, mountain ranges rest on the border between two worlds — the heavens and the earth. However, they are not tied to either reality. They are located between these worlds, and they form a huge and unusual world of their own.

Our «Enchanted Peak» pendant is a faithful depiction of a wondrous mountain. Unlike the peaks crafted by Mother Nature, however, this mountain will belong exclusively to you.

Crafted from silver, featuring an oxidized finish and a light purple tanzanite.