Mīlestības rasa — sudraba šķērsklāta oksidēšana
SKU: 5282
SKU: 5282

Mīlestības rasa — sudraba šķērsklāta oksidēšana

Sterling silver
2 g
Width ~ 13 mm, height ~ 20 mm, height with an eyelet ~ 26 mm
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Have you ever met a summer sunrise in the forest? Transparent fog gently covers the blanket with the last stars, so as not to disturb their daytime sleep. Crystal-clear teardrops fell on the young grass, filling it with energy of night coolness. Little drops of heavenly blessing sprinkled the earth with the touch of pale angels.

A divine gift — beautiful goddesses drank dew, like the nectar of immortality. Young girls washed their face with dew to preserve the smell of beauty and youth. Iris, the deity of the rainbow, the messenger of the gods, dressed in a dress of sparkling dew.

Dew appears on the verge of two worlds — morning light and night mist. It has magical power, retaining the power of the rising sun. Slavs call the dew tears of the Virgin - tears of compassion and purity.

Since ancient times, a drop of dew symbolizes the ancient idea that man is a "microcosm", a universe in miniature. A drop of dew reflects the whole world, from the sun to the smallest creature. Dewdrop passes through itself the light of the sun, and he, refracting, begins to shimmer with a multitude of colors. So man — if his soul is pure, he reflects the divine light.