Spikelets — yellow gold cuff earrings
SKU: 4014
SKU: 4014

Spikelets — yellow gold cuff earrings

Made to order
Manufacturing time 25 business days
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Yellow 14K gold
~ 2,5 g
Length — 22 mm

Cicero once said that «there can be no great poet without a spiritual fire and some inspiration — a spite of madness.»

Inspiration pursues us in the mist of the night when we experience the beauty of the twilight realm. Inspiration can be found in a picture of a classical artist, in one’s favourite book, or in the wondrous lines of an elegant poem. Inspiration is a woman, as well as her half-lowered eyelashes and warm smile.

We search for it every second of our lives. Without it we have nothing, neither creatures nor creators.

Inspiration guides us through the labyrinths of love and creativity. It takes us by the hand as if we were small children with closed eyes and joyful spirits. We may be blind in this world, but we see better with our hearts than others can with their eyes.

Have you ever seen the point where the expanse of the blue sky meets a yellow field of wheat? There is an incredible burst of contrast and colour in their convergence as the two tenderly embrace each other’s states. Love, happiness, desire — everything can be found in nature and its boons unto humankind.

We have found them in the beautiful «Spikelets» cuffs. The texture of the earrings has been meticulously crafted to resemble a modest ear of wheat you would perhaps find in a radiantly sunny photograph.