History of the Kochut brand

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The Ukrainian brand Kochut was founded in 2013 in Uzhhorod by three brothers, Yuriy, Roman and Ihor. The brand is engaged in the production of jewelry, and a few years ago another area of development appeared - products made of wood and epoxy resin.


History of creativity of the three brothers began back in high school. However, they started making jewelry professionally when they entered the Uzhhorod National University. All three studied at the Mechanical Engineering Department, which allowed them to master the technology of metalworking, both chemical and mechanical. They worked in an equipped mini-workshop at home. In the beginning they made pendants and rings of copper, pewter and brass, than was followed by work with silver and stones. The first jewelry they made for sale was a knight's necklace of silver eagles.

The guys shared their products on social media under the name «Kohinoor», derived from one of the largest diamonds in the world (which means «mountain of light»). Later they rebranded the company and called it by its last name.

In fact, Yuriy Kochut came up with the brand name and drew the Kochut logo while he was in the hospital after being burned in rehearsal for a fire show. Yes, the brothers have long been involved in historical reenactment and fire shows, but that's another story.


In 2015, the brothers opened their first jewelry workshop and began hiring artisans, sales managers, content managers and other staff. At the end of 2017, they make the move to a much larger workshop, which gave space to create a jewelry showroom in Uzhhorod.

 After the showroom in Uzhhorod, a showroom opened in Vienna and a year later in Kiev, where customers can also look at and try on jewelry. The Uzhhorod company is also represented in London, Dusseldorf, Tallinn, Prostev, Almaty and New Jersey. Different formats everywhere, like showroom and website or office and website, some have just jewelry or just wood, and some have combined.

Interesting Facts

    ■ Kochut jewelry is worn by members of the musical groups «Vremia y steklo», «NeAnhely», «Trystavisim», «Tin sontsia». In France, singer Zaz wears Kochut's jewelry. The founder of the Ukrainian music group «ONUKA» has a pendant «Swings of the wing» with engraving. In 2017, Kochut made the «Everest» pendant for the first Ukrainian woman to conquer Everest — Irina Galai.

    ■ Kochut Jewelry has created the world's first jewelry piece with gallium.

    ■ One day they received an order for a ring with a real meteorite, and among the most amazing orders stand out a ring with a tooth and hair. The guy sent his tooth, and the girl sent a strand of braided hair.

    ■ In 2016, Kochut overtook «Pandora» and «Golden Age» in the social media success rate.

    ■ In 2018, the Kochut team created a silver crown for the «Miss Ukrainka New Jersey» beauty pageant in the United States. They worked on it for two months. The crown has 571 stones, its weight is 199 grams. But the brothers took the longest time to make the silver crown for the beauty contest «Miss Zakarpattya» - it took two months to create and fix 750 pieces of synthetic stone.

    ■ In 2018, the «Bird on a twig» jewelry made its way to the Museum of Historical Jewels in Kiev.

    ■ Now the most expensive jewelry created by the brand is a gold necklace with tourmaline and diamonds «Scent of the Universe» , worth $ 59 400, and earrings «Metida» made of white gold with diamonds and aquamarines, worth $ 61 500.

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