Owls — silver cufflinks
SKU: 1812
SKU: 1812

Owls — silver cufflinks

Brak w magazynie
Dodaj do koszyka
Sterling silver
~ 23,6 g
Height — 25 mm, width — 14.2 mm

Art is not a theory, but an embodiment into reality. Art is not the strict framework in which society or dogma puts us. Art — freedom and potential, love and infinity. In art, man knows his soul. Even Socrates argued that man is the soul that controls the body, as his tool; so we must know ourselves, thereby knowing our soul.

Through art, the soul of a person is revealed, like the silk petals of a morning flower. Jewelry is also the art through which we know ourselves. Especially when it comes to such incredible jewelry as the «Owl» cufflinks.

Owls lay their wings for hugs with a dark-eyed night. The famous mystical philosopher Roerich says that an owl is an ambivalent symbol. It denotes wisdom and insight, but also symbolizes secret knowledge and sacred mysticism. And the ancient Romans tied an owl with the attributes of the goddess of wisdom, Athena.

Each owl feather on the cufflinks is ideally outlined with silver for maximum realism of the picture. Eyebrows raised high up, slender landing on a branch. They seem to be alive, that second — and flapped their wings to enjoy the twilight of the night flight.

Silver is also very harmonious with a white shirt or a dark suit. For creative, purposeful, wise men.