Dominator — a ring made of white, yellow gold and diamonds
SKU: 1518
SKU: 1518

Dominator — a ring made of white, yellow gold and diamonds

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14k White Gold and 14k Yellow Gold
Australian sapphire 6 mm, diamond 1,5 mm — 11 pcs.
Black rhodium

"Dominator" is a new status ring with a strong male character. It emits a continuous pressure and expansion of an irresistible vital energy. A unique strength, strong-willed character, discipline and self-control - these qualities are strengthened in our owner by our special ring "Dominator".

Lao Tzu in the work "Tao de Zen. Art of Tao "said:" If you defeated another, you are strong. But if you conquered yourself, you are powerful. "A real man wins himself better than others. He is fighting against the circumstances, against the plots of fate, against all winds and elements. He does not obey. He never gives up. If there is a slight chance of winning, then he will always go to the end.

"Before becoming the master of the world, become the real ruler of yourself!" The "Dominator" ring is created for a man who understands the true value of these words.

The rough and somewhat brutal stone texture of the ring with yellow and white gold, intertwining with each other, tells the story of how powerful tree roots grow on monolithic inaccessible rocks over time. Numerous diamonds embody the internal fruits - talents and experience.

Precious blue sapphire in the heart of the ring symbolizes an unbending man's will, perseverance and endurance. These qualities allow the sprouts of life to break through the hard layer of asphalt, new ideas - through the inertia of the material world, and nobility of the spirit - through unprincipled and false customs.

"Dominator" is a ring for those who are not afraid to dominate. Male ring "Dominator" forms a wonderful tandem along with our precious female ring "Dominant".

The price depends on the size / weight of the ring.