Dominator — gold ring with diamonds and sapphire
SKU: 4046
SKU: 4046

Dominator — gold ring with diamonds and sapphire

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White and palladium 14K gold
Sapphire 6 mm, diamond 1,5 mm — 11 pcs.
Black rhodium

The ‘Dominator’ is a new status ring with a strong masculine character. It radiates relentless force and expansive, unstoppable energy. A unique strength, a strong-willed character, discipline and self-control - these are the qualities that our special ‘Dominator’ ring bolsters in its owner. 

In the ‘Tao de Zen, The Art of Tao’, Lao Tzu wrote that ‘Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.’ A real man is focused on mastering himself. He fights against circumstances, against the arrows and slings of fate, against all of the winds and the elements. He never submits. He never gives up. Even if the chance of victory is insignificant, he will always see things through to the end. 

‘Before seeking to the rule the world, one should seek to truly rule over themselves.’ The ‘Dominator’ ring was forged for the man who understands the true value of these words. 

The ring's raw and even somewhat rough stone texture is made up of palladium and white gold. As they intertwine with one another, they tell the story of how the mighty roots of trees can find hold on even the most impregnable of rocks, given time. Its numerous diamonds represent the inner fruits of talent and experience. 

The precious blue sapphire in the heart of the ring symbolizes the indomitable male will, perseverance and endurance. These qualities allow the sprouts of life to break through the hardest layers of asphalt. New ideas can burst through the inertia of the material world, and the nobility of the spirit can rise above even the most unprincipled and falsest of customs. 

The ‘Dominator’ is a ring for those who are not afraid to rule. The ‘Dominator’ men's ring also forms a wonderful tandem along with our ‘Dominant’ women's ring. 

The cost of the ring depends on the final size and weight.