Overlord — ring made of yellow gold, silver, with smoky quartz |
SKU: 5952
SKU: 5952

Overlord — ring made of yellow gold, silver, with smoky quartz |

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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Smoky quartz 9x7 mm
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He somehow knew that the most precious thing he could give to his wife was a feeling of masculine energy — a custom which has been accepted for generations, not one tainted by modern misattributions of pathos and arrogance. A force that is worlds apart from anything society has come to expect. The presence of a real man, with all of the safety, reliability, ironclad stability and confidence that now suits the two of them.

Perhaps he was born in a male body throughout all of his past lives. How could he so skilfully embrace this nature otherwise? At long last, the games and lies have come to an end. What makes him «real»? The fact that he has accepted himself, and it is only because of this that he so capable of keeping his significant other by his side. 

He commands endless respect, and this sort of respect is so enticing that one could never even think of changing anything about this person. If the seas were to cover the land and the mountains crumbled into dust, this man would march on toward his goals. He dares to realize that which has never been created before and flies to places unseen by human eyes. 

Steadfast and unbreakable, even with the weight of the world on his shoulders. It’s so easy to enjoy the fact that nature has made us different that we may become perfect together.

The ambitious «Lord» ring is a fitting complement for the man who has mastered himself. The aura of confidence and calmness that emanates from the smoky quartz suits this piece perfectly. Alongside yellow gold and silver, it embodies the inviolable male will — to veracity, to victory, to life.