Phoenix — ring made of silver and gold
SKU: 4429
SKU: 4429

Phoenix — ring made of silver and gold

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14k yellow gold, sterling silver

Just before the dawn, a miraculous bird builds its nest. Its gaze slowly drops to regard the careful arrangement of flowers, plants and twigs in its nest. You are struck by a determination that can be seen with the naked eye. Every movement is full of grace, every action is full of meaning.

Against the backdrop of the morning sun, the bird stretches its wings, reaching out the very tips of its wings to touch the orange sky. Its feathers have an unforgettably beautiful golden-red hue. No matter how much time may pass, this image will never fade from memory.

Suddenly, the mystical bird brings forth a melodic song that halts the sun in the sky. A spark falls from the heavens and kindles a great fire. The fiery plume engulfs both bird and nest, but do not worry — the Phoenix will rise from the ashes and be reborn in three days’ time.

The «Phoenix» ring is jewellery for people who have no fear of the valleys on the path of life. They are not afraid of failures or risks because they know that they will cope with any obstacle they may encounter. If they do not succeed the first time, they will still continue to fight for their dreams and goals to the very end.

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