Kora drzewa — obrączka wykonana z żółtego złota
SKU: 5889-2
SKU: 5889-2

Kora drzewa — obrączka wykonana z żółtego złota

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John Muir said: "The smoothest path to the universe is through the forest thicket." Trees are poems that the earth writes in heaven. Persistent, reliable, full of centuries-old wisdom and fairy tales.

Dynasties and generations pass, and the trees still stand firm, rooted in the roots of the earth. They are children - earth, air and sky at the same time, they are the elements of the universe, the language of nature, which she speaks to us. In Japanese culture, they say that a man must plant at least one tree throughout his life.

A man adopts important qualities of character from trees: masculinity, physical strength, inner stamina and deep mind. Wearing a ring with the image or texture of a tree is a good sign for life and spiritual development.

The tree symbol is important not only for men, for women - too. The woman is the keeper of the family and the source of energy for close people. The tree will serve as a talisman for her to protect her family and peace of mind.