Stone and Twig — silver emerald wedding ring
SKU: 3005-1
SKU: 3005-1

Stone and Twig — silver emerald wedding ring

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Sterling Silver
Emerald 2,5 mm
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Nature is in every detail. Noone and nothing can do anything against it. There is no chance it would let us do whatever we want. It observes us, smiles and keeps on watching us. We have much from nature and nature has a lot from a human. 

Remember when walking in the park you saw a squirrel running on a branch. How much awareness and realizing of the world cycle has every its move! How much internal light bring its black eyes, and how perfectly nature shaped it for a life in the forest kingdom. Moreover remember how evenly the sun distributes its light for flowers, trees and people. In addition, how naturally the wind moves, giving us a powerful source of energy. 

Nature affects us when we contribute something humane to it. Our spiritual balance, heart feelings and body sensations resonate with nature in a holistic biorhythm. You won’t split the morning freshness from the light of your darling eyes or imagine a quiet whisper of the forest from imaginary forms of the world perception. 

Everything makes unity: a man would never exist separately from nature, just as he would never abandon his heart and consciousness. Infinity is in our blood, water fills our cells, air circulates in muscle tissue. The eternal ingenuity of nature is found in every gesture, smile, gait and sleepy eyes. 

But sometimes, people get lost on their ways, forgetting about the connection with the universe. And nature made a brilliant decision. 

It created Love. It uncovers a soul for absolute resonance from the universe. Everything happens on the level of feelings, senses and mental perception. This emotion is no less real than a tree or a flower in a field. Or probably, it is more real than all the material values of the world. The most important things are not things, remember this. 

The «Stone & twig» wedding ring is the symbol of harmony between nature and men, which they reach in love. He who wants to discover the universe needs another person. To recognize her as God created. 

Stone is strong, durable, brings a thousand-years resilience and firm intentions. It symbolizes the masculine principle in nature: powerful and strong, as a real man should be. Twig, symbolizing the feminine principle, is tender, fragile, needs protection and care. Beauty is the greatest power but delicate. 

The ring is made of oxidized silver. Textures of the stone and bark are harmoniously interwoven in them.

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