Dusza i ciało z drzewem życia — obrączka z białego złota z białym rodem,diament
SKU: 1941-1
SKU: 1941-1

Dusza i ciało z drzewem życia — obrączka z białego złota z białym rodem,diament

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Złoto białe próba 585
Diament 0.11 ct (3 мм)
Biały rod
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~ 5 mm
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One philosopher said: «You can be proud of your appearance, but you didn’t create it. Be proud of your soul. You are her sculptor. »

In the world everything is interconnected. Soul and body are two substances that cannot exist without each other. Eternal tandem, two beginnings that merge in a single dance of fate and life pulse.

We cannot put one in priority, condescendingly bypassing the other. No, the soul and the body are one indestructible whole, the power expressed in man, his controlled power. The model of wedding rings «Body and Soul» is doubly valuable: the symbolic name is combined with the tree of life on the inner side of the ring.

There is a deep meaning in the rings — the lovers take an oath before people and God. They swear in front of people to be inseparable in their body shell, and they promise God not to part in their soul, thoughts, and heart. The tree of life on the rings is a pledge of wisdom in life, faithfulness in love and reliability in marriage.

The base of the ring is made of white gold, inside — the engraving of the tree of life with the help of ruthenium. On the surface — the author’s fusion of white gold.

On the ring — a beautiful diamond. A woman is an ornament and happiness for her man. So let it shine with a pure, pure white radiance!

The final cost depends on the size and weight.

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