Claddagh — men's silver ring
SKU: 1439
SKU: 1439

Claddagh — men's silver ring

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Sterling Silver
Width - 8.5 mm

Legends bring a sense of ancient romance and charm of past eras. Stories and stories throw sparks into the fire of our imagination, forcing it to glow, drawing amazing images and events. Is it true that it is most interesting to read about the events of the Middle Ages, about the reign of insane kings and the battles of brave warriors?

The collection of the Claddagh rings carries consciousness in ancient times and gives a sense of presence in their fleeting rhythm. The Claddagh rings have Irish descent and Celtic roots. They were worn by English rulers, and after the potato famine the Irish philosophy of the Cladd ring spread to the United States of America.

Today the symbolism of the ring is known all over the world. United hands denote friendship, the heart is love, the crown is support and faithfulness. Traditionally, the Claddagh ring is passed on from generation to generation, from the senior member of the family to the younger one. By giving the Claddagh ring, you do not give an ornament, but deep feelings and strong cordial ties.

Male version of the Claddagh ring is endowed with powerful energy. The man retains emotional energy, and does not waste it. The energy of life and the synergy of generations burn in his body and mind.

The ring is made of silver and covered with oxidation.