Horizon of love — flat-shaped wedding ring made of gold and silver
2 630zł
SKU: 0427-1
SKU: 0427-1

Horizon of love — flat-shaped wedding ring made of gold and silver

2 630zł
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Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
Fianit 1,5 mm
~ 5,5 mm.
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One writer said: «Love is the only thing that sharpens the mind, awakens a creative fantasy, something that cleanses us and frees us.»

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. This is not the only feeling, but a whole complex of emotions, sensations and genuine expressions of tenderness. This is both friendship and trust, and common goals in life, and gratitude for reciprocity, and the morning freshness of joint dawns. This is all that is in our world, and at the same time an abstraction that hovers in the air like an unknown planet.

We explore this feeling throughout life, there is no uniqueness and eternal truths in it. Love is truth, and its horizon is far beyond our awareness and perception.

These values ​​we tried to convey in the charming engagement rings «Love Horizon». It is made of silver and yellow gold. Smooth, gentle, unusual. On the other version of ring in the same row are three small flickering cubic zirkonia.

You can also connect yellow gold and sterling silver. The price is indicated for one wedding ring. The cost is depends on the final weight.

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