Gentle hug — golden engagement ring with a diamond
SKU: 4292
SKU: 4292

Gentle hug — golden engagement ring with a diamond

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White 14kK gold
Diamond 0.5 ct (5,1 мм)
White rhodium
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Once Stanislavsky was asked to explain with a verb what it means to love. And he replied: «Want to touch.»

Michelangelo’s famous fresco «The Creation of Adam» is located in the Sistine Chapel. The main detail on the fresco is the moment when the hand of God almost touches the fingers of Adam. Intimate moment of union and the purest love between the children of the universe, the naked essence of the soul in the open palms.

Love and friendship seem to us to be something spiritual, inner. We feel them in our heart, but we cannot feel them physically until the moment of touch. Hugs — the first material point of love, the beginning of her physical life. In the arms is expressed maternal love, friendship, loyalty, devotion, sincere affection. In the arms there is sadness mixed with farewell, and the joy of meeting, and the first sensations of the body of a loved one.

Psychologists have proven that a person needs 12 hugs per day for full development and good health. To embrace a person means to approach his heart and look into the window of the soul. To embrace a person is to save him from all the worries of the world, from fate and pain. To embrace a person is to give a piece of inner fire.

Ring «Gentle hugs» — a symbol of loyalty and incredibly strong feelings. This is the warmth that you give your beloved woman. It is a piece of cordial affection expressed in beautiful appearance.

The ring is made of the most delicate white gold. We put a wonderful diamond in the gold caste of the ring, it clears the darkness with a bright light and illuminates it with spiritual light.

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