My lady — ring made of palladium gold with diamonds
1 250.00€
SKU: 5818
SKU: 5818

My lady — ring made of palladium gold with diamonds

1 250.00€
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White 14K gold
Diamonds 2.7mm — 1pcs, 1.75mm — 2pcs
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I love you because I enjoy everything that is associated with you. 

I love your morning tenderness, on which my day depends. 

I love your tranquillity, which you share with open arms. 

I love your kindness, truth and loyalty, which make you the very best of people.

I think of you when I hear the words «woman,» «love,» «life» or «art.» The word «lady» was also recently added to this list. You arouse a sense of nobility in me, and I am at my very best when you’re by my side.

I want you to lie on my shoulders and breathe out all of your troubles. I want us to spend an eternity is one another’s embrace, as to dwarf the lifespan of the universe itself. I want to hear compliments in your honour and know that I can also be proud and humbled to be yours. 

And yes, I almost forgot... I want to feel the same way about you fifty years from now as I did on the day we first met. We were both very happy that day.

The «My Lady» ring is love, as lasting and radiant as a diamond. This is not the first time we have worked with such a sensual and delicate piece, but our ability to admire it is in no way diminished!

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