The Way of Life — white gold engagement ring with a diamond
1 974.00€
SKU: 1453
SKU: 1453

The Way of Life — white gold engagement ring with a diamond

1 974.00€
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White 14K gold
Diamond 0.25 ct (4 мм)

A famous Indian proverb says that the road appears under the feet of the one who walks. And Oscar Wilde once said that the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. 

The road of life is not perfect at all. It’s laid out through miles of struggles and hard decisions; there occur numerous obstacles and baffling turns, challenges of fate and mirthless smile of heaven. Sometimes it may even seem that our path is meaningless, and there is only sadness and disappointment ahead. 

Everything happens, and....everything passes. 

At some point we start to realize that every step is natural and every moment of life deserves to have its right time. The way is not a gloomy infinity, it is a dimension of faces, events and emotions, where you play the leading role. 

The fate of your world is in your hands. It plays by your rules, as long as you dare to join the game. The world is engrossed with your happiness, as it like when a man creates himself. Finding true inner happiness on the endless path — what if that is actually the meaning?

A beautiful ring, from the «Way of life» collection, itself is a great example of a difficult path. It’s base is skillfully made with the authentic surface texture on white gold. This is not a smooth way, but a path with obstacles and downs. But nonetheless, still a great way.

And the main reward is a delicate white diamond with a milky-heavenly hue.