Emerald gemstone, which became the favorite of kings

Emerald gemstone, which became the favorite of kings

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Why do we love natural gems, because together with them we feel part of the organic nature: they give us a feeling of fresh mountain beauty.

They say that stones are loved and valued for three features: for natural beauty, durability and uniqueness. Emerald combines all the elements of "love", and it also has many other features that you will soon learn about.

Emerald watched the creation and development of the world from ancient times up to the modern era. In the 37th century BC. The first deposits of emeralds were developed near the Red Sea. In 4 tbsp. BC in the urban markets of Babylon, precious green stones were sold.

According to the Christian legend, the Holy Grail was made from emeralds. The tablets of Hermes, on which all the wisdom of the world is written, were created from a single emerald. Cleopatra as a sign of a special arrangement gave her close environment a portrait carved on a soft green stone. In Egypt, even there were "Cleopatra's mines", where they extracted emeralds for the beloved empress!

Jewelry collection with emerald

Where the favorite stones of Cleopatra are extracted

Now the leaders in the field of emeralds are two countries - Zambia (the African continent) and Colombia.

Zambian emeralds are endowed with a gentle blue-green tint, and Colombian emeralds have a pronounced bottle color. In the post-Soviet space emeralds of bottle color prefer, and in Europe blue-green stones give more value. In fact, this is just a specific aesthetic taste: both types of emeralds are equally good, only the places of origin differ.

Where do they get the emeralds - it's already clear, but where are they cut off, turning them into favorite ornaments? In India. There, natural stones undergo thermal treatment, and most of them are oiled to create an ideal texture.


The most important thing about emeralds

Remember: in nature there is no other color of emerald than natural green. Red, black, blue-violet emeralds do not exist. If you meet a bluish stone, which you will be given out for an emerald, then this is either beryl, or just an artificial stone created in the laboratory.

The color of the emerald is unique, velvet green with different shades depending on the origin. This emerald changes color when the angle of incidence of light changes: if you rotate it 90 degrees, you can see a gradation of shades from bluish-green to gently golden.

And the key point - a natural emerald almost always has microscopic defects: cracks, accumulations of salts, small drops. Imagine that the process of creating a crystal in nature resembles an organic development of the cell. It is affected by mountains, dust, rain and other natural factors. The reminder of the development and origin of the crystal remains with the stone forever even after cutting.

Pendants with emeralds

In nature, there are very few ideal emeralds. Perfect single-colored stones, which can often be seen in the windows of jewelry stores, are synthetic stones created not by nature, but by man. In them, a minimum of naturalness and a maximum of artificial processing.

The cost of natural emeralds with the ideal color without any natural defects is much higher than the cost of real diamonds. This is the rarity for which you have to pay a lot of money.

The purity of the organic color of the emerald and its transparency, which resembles the tendons of the sea wave - that's what we appreciate it for. To love emeralds is to take their true beauty holistically. Small inclusions and cracks in the emerald form its unique character: in them, nature can not repeat itself more than once. In microscopic defects of a stone the nature gives the present essence, it gives force of a rain, freshness of mountain air and velvet power of the earth.

And it's really valuable.

Earrings with emeralds

Simple magic: the best properties of a stone

In addition to its ancient origin and historical significance, the emerald has many other fine features. They say that if you put a stone in a container of water, then after a while it will be cleared of negative energy.

The natural green color of the stone acts as a sedative for the human nervous system. Also, this color has a good effect on eyesight and neutralizes chronic fatigue.

Green is the color of the energy of the heart; emerald opens the inner world of man and lets in him love and grace. Even in Russia, emeralds were advised to wear girls in order to find a loved one.

The owners of the emerald sleep a sound sleep. They are not threatened by nightmares, excessive fatigue or unreasonable fears. Quiet energy of natural stone will become an important guard for the soul and body.

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