Mokume gane — exclusive jewelry making technique

Mokume gane — exclusive jewelry making technique

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    Friends, you probably saw our site has a separate catalog with Mokume-gane jewelry on our site. Who paid attention to them, apparently already knows that this technique originated in Japanese culture, and later was imbued with Europeans. However, have you ever thought about the reasons of appearance the of this technique? What caused Mokume and what was it for the Japanese?

    Today we invite you to plunge into a mini-historical excursion on Japanese culture and see how we make jewelry in this wonderful technique.

The story of Mokume-gane

    Mokume-gane is an ancient Japanese metalworking technique invented in feudal Japan by sword masters. Its name translates as "metal wood texture". In those days, it was used primarily to decorate the hilt of samurai swords. But not every samurai could afford such luxury, because this service was expensive.

    However, almost immediately the masters realized that the mysterious technique can be used not only for weapons but also for making jewelry.  And now you can wear works in the Mokume technique, and not carrying a few kilos of sharp metal with you. But each ornament made by us bears the full weight of this story, which we embodied in our rings, earrings, pendants.

Mokume Jewelry Collection

    Japanese culture became the basis for the development and improvement of Mokume-gane. However, many craftsmen all over the world love this jewelry technique. But at the same time, not every jeweler is able to master it. We will not be mistaken if we say that in Ukraine today there are only rare craftsmen, who can creat certain products in this style. And only our brand can create full-fledged collections in this technique.

How to create a mokume ring . Video.

    Thanks to the technique, every piece of jewelry turns out to be unique, and we don't always know what will come out from under the experienced hands of a jeweler.

We invite you to enjoy the process of making the Mokume ring yourself.

    After reviewing our video, you probably realized that Mokume is more than just a combination metal technique. It is real alchemy, which requires the master to be extremely tolerant, accurate and high skilled. When an artist creates a decoration for Mokume, he is very sensitive to the feelings of metals, he's very careful with them and tries “not let them cry.” 

Mokume is almost always a solid intuition and the sixth feeling!

    There is no exact algorithm in it. Every time it's different. Therefore, you need patience and the correct psychological state, settings, as well as the ability to feel the overall image of the work, without becoming attached to specific details. After all, Mokume is always a mystery, it is always improvisation.

    Unpredictability, rarity, complexity — these are the three factors that make Mokume-gane jewelry really valuable and expensive. If you admire luxury, exclusivity and handicraft — then these products are perfect for you.

    After all, only the Mokume-gane technique allows metals to retain their individuality, properties and character, and at the same time, beautifully shrouding each other from all sides, tightly combine and form an indescribable beauty pattern. The pattern, which due to its uniqueness and fully manual manufacturing process, will never be repeated in any other product.

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