Sagittarius — silver ring with yellow gold
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SKU: 2042

Sagittarius — silver ring with yellow gold

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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver

Do you believe in fate? Science has long proven that we are the heirs of the stars themselves and our bodies were formed from particles of cosmic dust. The universe is friendly, and it has provided us with thousands of clues to unlock its secrets. 

But is it true that we can determine our destiny by interpreting the location of the stars on our birthdays? Is it true that the planets and the stars are signage on the road of life? Everyone has their own system of values and beliefs, so offering an all-encompassing, exact answer to these eternal questions is impossible. 

In ancient times, people believed that the Sun had a unique influence on people's fates as it passed through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. To this day, astrologers maintain that the position of the Sun in a particular astrological sign of the Zodiac allows us to draw conclusions about a person's potential, motives and character. 

If you believe that your life will be beautiful because you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, so shall it be. If you believe in your determination and patience because you were born under the sign of Pisces, then the universe will give you what you’re looking for. 

The universe does not regard the stars. The universe is listening only to you. This is the foundation on which other values and beliefs are built so don't neglect it. 

The world around you does care for you, and so do we. It's for that exact reason that we created a ring through which you can strengthen your faith in your connection with the Universe. The photographs above feature a ring with the ‘Sagittarius’ sign, but we can produce whichever one you may need. It all depends on your desire. 

The base of the ring is made of yellow gold, and the sign on the ring is crafted from white gold. Black rhodium on yellow gold creates the aesthetically pleasant illusion of a timeworn surface, as if this piece came to you from the most ancient and mystical of times.