Hele: kitsas — valgest kullast lameda kujuga abielusõrmus
1 399.00€
SKU: 1188-2
SKU: 1188-2

Hele: kitsas — valgest kullast lameda kujuga abielusõrmus

1 399.00€
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14k White Gold
Base width:
~ 4 mm
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We often ask ourselves the same question: which is better — classic or modern? It’s the same if you asked who wins in the art competition — Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso. This would be hard to decide: each of them made his own priceless contribution to the treasury of the art world.

Despite the fact that this is an exciting changing world, there are things that often get back to normal. And some classical works, art and fashion definitely appear on the horizon. Wedding rings are no exception. We admire classics, but in the same time we try to create it with a twist that will make it stand out among the other jewelry. 

The classic gold wedding ring is a perfect example. Its most appealing feature is an authentic forging, which emphasizes the relief of the jewelry. A good option for every day wearing. An outstanding charm against the background of gray colors and autumn weekdays, creates a bright accent on the fingers. It resonate with the feelings and inner harmony. And above all, it convey the sacrament of marriage and the power of deep feelings. Happiness does not appear just like that. Love and inner desire for peace create happiness in one’s soul. Wedding ring will strengthen forever the bonds of your friendship and tenderness.

The price depends on the size and weight of the wedding ring.

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