Soul and body: double-sided — cross made of silver and yellow gold
SKU: 0714
SKU: 0714

Soul and body: double-sided — cross made of silver and yellow gold

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Yellow 14k gold, sterling silver
5,9 g
Height — 33 mm, height with eye — 43 mm

The question «Can the soul exist without a body?» contains the presupposition that the soul and the body are two different things. What would you say to a person who would ask you whether a spot of black is left behind if a black cat leaves a room? You would not understand it at all, and yet both questions are absolutely identical.

This is what Alexander Herzen once said, refuting all arguments that body and soul are different entities. Vernadsky said that a genuinely spiritual life is the utilization of the best aspects of both body and spirit.

Our life’s value lies in the strengthening and consistency of the union of the soul and the body. They merge in a dizzying dance of love and faith, they are absolutely loyal to each other, and there is nothing more important in this world than their duality.

The body is the earth and the soul is the sky, so how could a planet exist without both at the same time?

The «Soul and Body» cross is an indivisible symbol of human perfection and its character, our inner world and our external image. The base is made from silver, and the surface features and originally textured pattern forged from yellow gold.

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