Mobius ribbon: opposite — white gold ring
2 299.00€
SKU: 2076
SKU: 2076

Mobius ribbon: opposite — white gold ring

2 299.00€
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White 14K gold
Base width:
~ 5 mm
White rhodium
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Opposites cannot exist without each other. They eventually combine and form a single integrated system. Their qualities are intertwined and complementary. They exist alongside and inseparably, as there are day and night, heat and cold, life and death. 

These contrasts have a common axis of unity, common point of contact, but at the same time, each of them continues making his own way, bending his own lines, drawing his own direction, asserting his own properties. This amazing phenomenon can be compared to the masculine and feminine that flourish as a harmonious union of two: water and flame, peace and pressure, wisdom and strength.

There are opposites in each of us, regardless of gender. In everyone there is an inner man and inner woman. They endow us with certain qualities, traits and virtues. Ones are dominated by femininity: warmth, calmness, sensitivity, harmony and inspiration. 

In the others masculinity prevails: passion, enthusiasm, courage, determination, desire for discoveries and accomplishments. But everyone, though in different proportions, has both femininity and masculinity. As well as water and fire, and beauty and strength. 

This allows us to conclude harmonious relationships, understand each other, feel the reflection of the other people’s qualities in ourselves, as well as find reflections of our own ones in someone. The phenomenon of opposites unites us, so different and unique, into a single holistic system, where we do not confront, but complement each other. 

The gold «Mobius strip» ring. The oppositeness" reveals a deep idea of combining all opposites in one complementary harmonious union. The contrasts do not lose their bright qualities and features in it, but move in parallel, enhancing the importance of each other’s existence. 

«Moebius strip. The oppositeness» would perfectly fit a bright and interesting person, striving for harmony and balance. Contemplating the simple ornament indeed brings peace and balance to all the senses. 

This is also a great choice as wedding rings. «Moebius strip. The oppositeness» can emphasize the symbolism of the union of the two unique personalities who decided to go through life hand in hand. 

The price may vary, depending on the size and weight 

NOTE: production time may take to 3-4 weeks.

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