Tree of life with fox — pendant in silver and red gold
SKU: 1444
SKU: 1444

Tree of life with fox — pendant in silver and red gold

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Red 14K gold, sterling silver
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Scandinavian legends whisper of a tree that gave Odin his wisdom and knowledge. The Bible tells of the tree of knowledge that God planted in the Garden of Eden. In ancient Armenia, the tree of life was painted on the walls of fortresses and the armour of soldiers.

The tree is the most ancient symbol of harmony between the world and man. Trees connect us to the essence of the divine, as they are constant reminders of the cycle of life. 

This tree is encased within a perfect circle. Its branches stretch out to ring the frame it calls home.

Trees are like the universe, as they are in constant equilibrium and transition smoothly from one state to the next. The universe does not have to be logically sound — it is perfect in its harmony, and that is enough.

In the shade of the tree lurks a small creature — an exquisite red fox whose red coat stands out in stark contrast against the piece’s silvery hues. The pendant was crafted from silver, and the fox from red gold.