Little fox — pendant made of white gold and with emerald
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SKU: 1622

Little fox — pendant made of white gold and with emerald

1 499.00€
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14k White Gold
Emerald is 2,5 mm
~ 7,2 g
Height with an eye — 33 mm, without a lug — 25 mm, width — 20 mm, thickness — 3 mm.
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The fox is an exceedingly wilful animal — for centuries humans have failed to tame them. Their bright red coats can be seen from afar, but catching the crafty creature is much more difficult affair. They are cunning, independent, and unbound. The fox roams throughout its forest domain as if it were its personal kingdom, and knows every nook and cranny where one can hide from prying eyes.

Fox kits have stunningly beautiful eyes. They are full of abandon that has been mixed with a love for life itself. You have perhaps heard that a person endowed with light red hair was born under a lucky star. Such people are typically enamoured by creativity and dedicate their lives to the invention of something new. The fox is often considered a symbol of a freedom-loving nature that will never bow to anyone.

It is a confluence of two elements: Earth, as it lives in the woods and partakes of its gifts, and fire, as evidenced by the fiery red color of its coat, which shields it from the elements.

People who adopt this symbol for themselves are often endowed with a sharp mind, acumen, ambition and independence. However, it is not the symbol that makes a person unique, but the person themself that infuses abstract images with their own features. Take care not to forget this.

Our delicate «Little Fox» pendant is an enchanting woodland depiction. The skilled hand of the master nearly brought the fox to life — one moment more and it would have dashed back to its forested home with a flash of its tail.