Derevos — sterling silver pendant
SKU: 4138
SKU: 4138

Derevos — sterling silver pendant

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Sterling silver
~ 5,1 g
Height with eye — 30 mm, width — 16 mm

Feel your involvement in all living things. Grow endlessly, force your way through concrete walls. Breathe a lungful of air and be reborn each day. Glow with rays of light as if you swallowed the sun itself. Strap on a perspective that is found nowhere else and enjoy every sip of water as if you are tasting it for the first time.

Here is where it enters your body. Here is where the river enters the ground. Here is where the sky penetrates the river. And how are you separate from this process? Apart? Alien? Where are you here, offended and alone with only your unique suffering as company? You are never alone.

Get lost in the infinite expanse of your options that you may finally choose one. Pray for everything so that every one of your actions eventually turns into prayer. Close into yourself to finally understand that you are everywhere. In order to be present in all things, you must first be present within yourself.

Today, your ceiling is the sky. Today, your religion is love. Today, your temple is a person. Today, your eternity is a moment. You grow in eternity just as eternity grows in you. The morning dew fills your blood and the roots of all the trees help you feel secure. All that remains is to constantly grow and reach out to everything that you love so much.

We have long been dependent on nature’s beauty and power. As a result, dedicating our jewellery to it never grows tiresome. The «Derevos» pendant is a concentrate of thirst for life. Its Celtic patterns form a weave, thanks to which the pendant acquires magical power. Each pattern symbolizes the milestones of the path of life, on which you will never walk alone.