Tree of Life — Silver Cufflinks
SKU: 1706
SKU: 1706

Tree of Life — Silver Cufflinks

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Sterling silver
~ 12,5 g
22×12 mm

For those who know how to see the true nature of things, a green tree is more of a miracle than a tree made of gold or silver. Martin Luther said the same, and he was absolutely right. Seeing nature every day is wonderful beyond words and one of life’s most precious pleasures. 

Dynasties, generations, and epoch-defining events may come and go, but the trees stand just as firmly in their places, resting their roots in the bowels of the earth, in its depth and essence. They are the children of earth, air and sky. They are an element of the universe and the language of nature, through which she speaks to us. 

In Japanese culture, it is said that each person should plant at least one tree during their life. They believe that we give the planet new life in this way, and a gift such as this purifies the soul. Buddhists even have the belief that a person can restore balance to the world and restore their karma by planting trees. 

We use a variety of different textures and forging techniques in our work to create a resemblance to the bark of a tree. This ring from the ‘Trees of Life’ collection is perhaps the best example we have to offer. Ancient teachings state that we can inherit a tree’s powerful energy by embracing it. It fills us with light from within, calms our heart and organizes our thoughts. 

The tree is the oldest symbol of harmony between the world and man. Trees connect us to the essence of the divine, as they are constant reminders of the cycle of life. Trees are like the universe, as they are in constant equilibrium and transitioning smoothly from one state to the next. The universe speaks to us through the energy of the Tree of Life.

The bark-like cufflinks are also a symbol of the serenity and powerful forces of nature. Feel it on your finger and be sure that this piece was made with all of our skill and love.

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