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Wedding rings «Calligraphy». Silver, oxidation

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Plating: Oxidized
  • Sizes: The width of the base of the women’s ring — 6 mm, male — 8 mm.


If you perceive wedding rings as a one-time purchase, then let us convince you of something else. If you think wedding rings are just inexperienced, then we will show you the other side of reality. If you think that engagement rings are an ordinary piece of jewelry, then we will allow ourselves to dissuade you.

Wedding rings — not a decoration. This is the nature of your marriage. Yes Yes exactly.

Rings are designed not just to state the fact that you are married. This is a metal endowed with a special energy. This is the power of your thoughts and feelings. The unity and beauty of your worlds. Let it be said that a man is from Mars, and a woman is from Venus. We know that you met on Earth.

Our rings can not give anything other than love. They can not bind your fate for a shorter period than eternity. They can not make you less than the most native people in the world.

Love, respect, forgive. And thank each other every day for being together and forever. There is no chance in the world. And your morning smile to each other confirms this again. Just be happy.

We will not say that you cannot do without our wedding rings. We will only say that these rings will keep your love and loyalty in the metal. Together and forever.

Wedding rings «Calligraphy». Silver, oxidation.

Price is per pair of wedding rings.