Hutsul — silver rings with a diamond
SKU: 4319
SKU: 4319

Hutsul — silver rings with a diamond

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Sterling silver
Diamond 2,5 mm
Base width:
Male ~ 7.5 mm, female ~ 6.5 mm

And if she marries him once again in the open air against the background of this pristine nature, the Carpathians would smile at them and carry on with their tradition. If she calls him again in this mountain silence, she would hear a rustle of leaves and life would go on. And if they promise to love and respect each other, so be it. Because this is a promise of a great heart, which is used to believing and trusting.

Together they do it best. Something they make the warmest, tastiest and luckiest. When they come together, you start guessing the secret of eternal love between the blue-eyed sky and the emerald earth. And you finally realize how the two recognize each other.

Tell what this woman is like in your mind, before she gets there and learns everything first. Tell what this man is like in your eyes, before he drowns completely in their depth. Tell this land to know what Hutsul love is. 

The «Hutsul» wedding rings are a symbol and talisman for people of brave and tender hearts in their chests. For those, who cherish traditions in order to pass them on to future generations.