Wolves — gold wedding ring
$1 650
SKU: 0552-2
SKU: 0552-2

Wolves — gold wedding ring

$1 650
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White 14K gold
Base width:
~ 8 mm
Black rhodium
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You may see a whole story on these wedding rings. A majestic winter forest appears before your eyes, trees in white adornment and flowers, waiting in the ground for the spring to come. A misty sky hangs over the forest and the stars shimmer brightly in the night. A vague sketch of figures is noticed on the paths. These are wolves, the true kings of the forest. They step on the crispy surface of the snow. Probably, they are looking for a prey or trying to find a shelter to spend the night.

Nowadays, the wolf is a kind of symbol of the forest. He embodies different qualities: confidence, strength, courage, responsibility for their actions before themselves and the others. It is the spirit in physical body, a genuine expression of the best virtues both in the world and particularly in a man.

Our «Wolves» wedding rings are made of white gold. The figures of wolves are created with a special technique of blackening by black rhodium. They stand out brightly against the gold canvas of jewelry.

The owner of such ring will feel the rise of his self-confidence, becoming braver, stronger and more agile. Our inner feelings are the most important, because they render the way of inner human behavior and skills.

It will emphasize intelligence, care and courage in a woman, and strength and bold character in a man. The perfect harmony of characters and love. The cost of ring depends on the size / weight. The indicative price is for a pair of wedding ring.

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