Peaks of Love: sun and moon — silver wedding ring, covered white rhodium
SKU: 5358-1
SKU: 5358-1

Peaks of Love: sun and moon — silver wedding ring, covered white rhodium

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Sterling Silver
Base width:
~ 6 mm
White rhodium
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Life is a series of pictures and events passing before our eyes. The morning replaces the change of day, the dawn over the night steps quietly in barefoot. Sun puddles move briskly on one’s shoulder, like the delicate rose petals that have fallen on the wet asphalt. Life is beautiful, because it breathes, rushes, cries and laughs. 

And it is especially beautiful in the mountains. Have you ever woken up in the mountains when a mist greets you with dew and fresh coolness? When wet leaves make a path for you and the dawn humbly fades behind the gray wall of the morning sky?

Or probably, you happened to see the snow-capped mountains behind the hills when going to work in the morning? 

Peaks are the purest and brightest creations on the earth, for the reason of being the closest to heaven. And you are getting closer to the heaven ladder when you find yourself on top of a mountain. The air gets thicker, taking your breath away. The eyes get rid of urban fog and eagerly enjoy the view of the sun and stars. 

The feeling of conquering the summit may be compared to love. Happiness runs in your veins; the bright light in the eyes and delicate enlightenment of consciousness. Everything is simple and beautiful. This is how you feel when in love. The beauty of every moment stays in your heart forever. And you realise that love is the only truth. 

Being at the peak of love means getting closer to heaven, reaching the divine at its closest. When a man is in love, he becomes great. Mountains call only those, who have souls of the same majesty. And love is like a rare flower of a sunny violet color, growing on the very top of the mountain and requires courage to get it. 

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