Autumn twig — wedding ring made of white gold, covered black rhodium
$1 470
SKU: 5492
SKU: 5492

Autumn twig — wedding ring made of white gold, covered black rhodium

$1 470
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White 14K gold
Black rhodium

Nature is omnipotent, it is in all living and inanimate, it is like pearls stringing its power drop by drop, creating a beautiful harmonious necklace, which is simply unparalleled.

Nature is in everything. There is nothing and no one that can offer it significant resistance. And we are one with nature: human beings can never escape from nature, just as they cannot escape from their hearts. It flows in our blood, fills our cells, and circulates in our muscle tissue. Our mental equilibrium, our sense of heart and sense of body resonate with nature in an holistic biorhythm. You can't separate the freshness of morning from your own birth, you can't distinguish the eternal noise of the forest from the unchanging flow of your thoughts.

But often we avoid this connection.

Human life consists of small and important moments. And one of those moments is to hear the pulsing heart of the ancient forest, which never stops. How important it is to catch on your radar this powerful energy that vibrates through your veins, clears your thoughts and brings you back to the ancient sources of power.

We are part of something great, and we must not forget it. After all, every twig of a tree holds within it a majestic genocode and history. A twig only seems weak, its fragility deceiving. If you take away all illusions, you can understand that it is part of the mighty world, that in the subtle body there is a tremendous inner force - the flow of Nature itself.

Isn't it wonderful to realize that Nature is not far away at all in the mountains, forests, and deserts? Nature is close, it's in everything. We have created tiny symbols of this powerful force, so that you do not forget that in flexible lines and beautiful forms there is a huge power accumulated.

The most important things are not things, don't forget that.

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