Autumn twig — wedding ring made of white gold, covered black rhodium
$1 125
SKU: 5492
SKU: 5492

Autumn twig — wedding ring made of white gold, covered black rhodium

$1 125
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White 14K gold
Black rhodium
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Nature is in everything. There is nothing that would resist it. As well as there is no way we could rule it in our own free will. It observes us, smiles and keeps on watching. We both have so much in common.

Nature affects us when we contribute something of a human to it. Our mental balance, feelings and the existence of this life will rebirth with a holistic biorhythm. It’s impossible to distinguish the freshness of the forest from the mental forms of world perception.

Everything makes unity: a man will never be apart from nature, as well as won’t stop following his heart and mind. The eternal ingenuity is in our blood, in every gesture, smile, gait and sleepy eyes.

Sometimes a person gets lost and forgets about the connection with the Universe. But nature found a brilliant decision.

It created Love. A soul in love reveals absolute resonance with the Universe. Everything happens on the level of sensations, touches and mental perception. But a flower or a tree in the field is no less realistic than an emotion. Or, probably, even more realistic than any material values in this world. The most important things are not things, remember that.

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