My inspiration — wedding ring made of red gold
$1 551
SKU: 7326
SKU: 7326

My inspiration — wedding ring made of red gold

$1 551
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Red 14K gold
Base width:
~ 3,5 mm
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Every time I love you, a new masterpiece is born in the world.

And I will be with you until all the crazy ideas are realised, until all the films are made and until humanity renounces love. Because you make me want to be a creator, and it gives me inspiration.

My inspiration is named after you, your laughter, your desires. Your pleasure hormones penetrate my brain and make it explode with new energy. To be a genius, I just need to feel your support. And all problems go to hell when I see you rejoice at my victories.

It happens that you ask the universe for help, and it gives you inspiration in the form of a woman. And now you don't need to look for answers in books, because you have someone with whom you start writing!

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