Memoria — wedding ring made of red and white gold
$1 140
SKU: 1165-1
SKU: 1165-1

Memoria — wedding ring made of red and white gold

$1 140
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White 14K gold, 14K red gold
Base width:
~ 4 mm
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Jewelry is not just a beautiful thing that gives aesthetic pleasure and becomes part of the external beauty. 

Jewelry is the energy you put into it, like a tiny part of the soul embedded in gold. Your memory, recollections, wonderful moments experienced together. It’s a small triumph and a feeling of endless union with nature, because nature is the first guest visiting us with its precious metals. 

Especially if it’s the rings, which bring a great meaning to the lovers. They unite with wedding rings not only their hands and hearts, they exchange a particle of eternity and make vow of faithfulness and devotion to each other. As a symbol of friendship, love, understanding and forgiveness.

This is how we interpret the philosophy of our wedding rings from the «Memoria» collection. 

It is splendid because of combining two fine metals — red and yellow gold.

The «Memoria» wedding ring is a reflection of memories and true love in every touch. 

The final cost depends on the size and weight.

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