Set «The source of life.» White, yellow gold, emeralds
$7 500
SKU: 1039
SKU: 1039

Set «The source of life.» White, yellow gold, emeralds

$7 500
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14k White Gold and 14k Yellow Gold
Emeralds 8x6 mm

«I became strong, because I was weak. I’m fearless, because I was afraid. I’m wise because I was a fool. Confessing his weakness, a person becomes strong.» The brilliant words of the great French writer Honore de Balzac.

We were conceived of the universe not to be better than others. Each person is perfection, only for some reason he constantly forgets about it. Our body consists of atoms, in each of which the universe is reflected.

We were not meant to compare ourselves with someone. The greatness of the soul can not be stigmatized by price and quantity, because how can you buy heaven, stars and planets? All our shortcomings are shortcomings, invented by the mind and body. Not an essence.

Why do you hide from yourself? Why run away from the cool, light infinity into the cramped, small cluster of selfishness? To be yourself, to know your soul, to dance with eternity — there really is something to strive for.

And everyone chooses his own way. No one — not you. And no one can be you. Because impeccability can not be repeated.

So in the collection «The Source of Life» the texture, colors and harmonious curves create something incredibly beautiful. Twigs intertwine and embrace the cold green lake of life with petals. The lake is covered with light flowers, which stubbornly lie on the gentle surface of the crystal palace.

And an emerald ... There’s no point in talking about an emerald. You only need to see him once, touch his cold shine, to give him your heart once and for all, without a trace. Emerald is the decoration of Olympus, the tenderness of Andromeda, the elegant gesture of the ocean.