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Set «Duolite». Red gold, silver, smoky quartz

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  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Red 14k gold and sterling silver
  • Insert: Smoky quartz 6x6 mm
  • Sizes: Pendant: height with an eyelet - 20 mm, height - 9 mm, width - 9 mm Earrings - 35x12 mm


Edgar Allan Poe once said the following: «there are many identical phenomena and two-sided properties. Life is ambiguous and two-fold, like a reiteration of two different entities: object and shadow, matter and light.» In this way, he emphasized that which has been a subject of debate among intellectuals of all ages: the duality of the world and the facets of human perception.

Every single thing in this world consists of two halves, and it is impossible to understand one without considering the other. 

This ambiguity has its charms, as we never know what will happen next or what fate has in store for us around the next bend. The signs of destiny and the mechanism of its independent creation are not for us to understand.

We can only be thankful that our lives are in our hands, and every moment, which we have the right to use at our discretion, belongs solely to us.

We have expressed this philosophy in this set from our Duolite collection. This set can also be paired with an enchanting ring of the same name featuring smoky quartz.

The base of the set is made of silver with an original surface texture, which is a masterpiece of exquisite forging. 

This set is for real ladies, who are drawn to the secrets of the Universe and the wisdom of the ages.