Royal rose — jewelry set with ruby insert
$2 775
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Royal rose — jewelry set with ruby insert

$2 775
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Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
Rubies 8x6 mm 7x5 mm and emeralds 1.5 mm

In the book The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery said «you never have to listen to what the flowers say. You just have to look at them and breathe in their scent.»

How often have we heard the words «stop and smell the roses»? The rose is the true queen of flowers, a fiery red angel that opens its petals towards the sky so brightly that the eyes of the stars themselves begin to tear up. 

The rose symbolizes heavenly perfection and earthly passion, fleeting time and eternity. It embodies the duality of nature and mankind. Its beauty is uncontested, but its sharp thorns make no efforts to conceal themselves from our impassioned gaze. 

According to one legend, the rose first bloomed in paradise, and its thorns only appeared after the fall of man. It embodies the nobility and cruelty of the forces of heaven, as well as good and evil in the human soul.

The Little Prince said: «Your rose is so dear to you because you gave it your whole soul.» The rose, like a true princess, steps into the human world and leaves nothing behind. How can one help but fall in love? How can one help but surrender their gaze to her? How can one resist her cold-blooded charms?

Kings of England and France wore roses because they embodied strength and power. Perfection and completeness are to be found only in the rose, as it is the ideal model of the golden ratio that the universe itself adhered to during its creation. Venus wore roses, the Sun kissed roses, and Aurora, goddess of the morning star, was infatuated with them.

The red rose symbolizes the sensual beauty and completeness of the universal cycle. The petals of our «Royal Rose» earrings open to reveal huge red rubies, the transparent tears of a fiery red angel that were collected in a chalice. Green leaves in the form of emeralds adorn the golden canvas.