Universe — set of palladium and red gold
$8 916
SKU: 4224
SKU: 4224

Universe — set of palladium and red gold

$8 916
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Palladium and red 14K gold
Diamond 2.4x2.4 mm
Base Width: Male — 7.5 mm, female — 7.5 mm

Our love dreams in the bowels of the stars. Undiscovered, like the universe itself. With both mystifying beginning and eternal end. With its infinite limits that slightly affect our knowledge and go far beyond it, along with gravity and variety of shapes. And with laws of nature, which are the background for building a whole new galaxy today.

There is no way we will ever discover it. And no kind of knowledge will bring us the happiness which the feelings could. This is why, when thinking of us, all I want is to embrace the sky. To cling to everything that ever was on this planet and let go everything else that was not meant to be. Beyond the visible part of all the secrets are revealed. Close your eyes and look into my love. Discover new planets and give them weirdest names. Don’t lose your feelings or let them wander around the world as if you were unable to save it. Keep them, even if one day the illusion absorbs and throws it away on a desert island coast for that we never ever loved again. Even if it seems the glaciers would drown them in the melt-water. Or hide its gutters, deepest valleys or the most challenging peaks. We were and always will be above this all, even when everything stops existing. 

In the state of fragile balance which the whole universe holds on to, I promise to love and cherish you.