Set «Summer’s Essence». Silver, red gold, oxidation, black rhodium
$1 830
SKU: 4122
SKU: 4122

Set «Summer’s Essence». Silver, red gold, oxidation, black rhodium

$1 830
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Sterling silver, 14K red gold
Black rhodium, oxidation

Summer was rushing through our veins. It poured itself out in our currant wine, fell in droplets from ripe watermelon slices, and coursed through our straws as we sipped cranberry lemonade. We captured it in jars of raspberry jam and dried fruits so that we could warm ourselves with memories (and vitamins) in the depths of winter’s frost.

Summer was scattered everywhere: on the bottoms of the shallow rivers that provided respite from the day’s heat, on the sticks of our favourite chocolate ice cream bar, and even in the blackberry syrup spots on our shorts. The tracks it left were long visible in the fiery-orange weavings of the twilight sky.

I closed my eyes and imagined that someone had bottled up the essence of summer and placed it under my nose. Have you ever smelled a weary August day? A musing, ambitious June? Can you imagine the aroma of a blooming July morning?

Love is when you want to spend all the year’s seasons with the same person, and I would like to invite my love to experience summer once again. Imagine a couple standing on a shore enjoying the brisk sensations of the sea. Another pair is stepping out into a muted village in the small hours of the morning to soak up the scent of freshly cut grass. Someone somewhere is enjoying a crisp and sweet melon for dessert. 

And now you may ask «what is the essence of summer?» We believe that summer is the quintessence of life itself, a youthful plume on the skirt of an elderly dame. It is rose perfume on antique store shelves, morning dew on a spider’s web, the stroke of a butterfly’s wings, which can change everything in an instant in this captivating summer, in this enigmatic life.

The «Summer’s Essence» set is a benediction on behalf of happiness for its own sake — everything that you see in it is now yours to claim. We hope you revel in the delicate play of rose gold and silver that nature herself has prepared for you.