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A set of "Supermoon". Silver, moonstone

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Insert: Moonstone in the ring — 10 mm, in earrings — 6 mm


The moon and the sun are the most powerful heavenly bodies, which since ancient times were considered symbols of light, energy and spiritual strength.

In most cases, the Moon embodies the feminine principle. It is associated with such categories as woman, water, fertility, rebirth, intuition, feelings, night. The moon is an image of becoming and eternal return, a symbol of cyclic processes.

In ancient legends we are told about the influence of the phases of the moon on terrestrial phenomena: not only on the ebb and flow, but also on the ascending and descending movement of juices in plants. The phases of the moon ruled all aspects of life. The coming Moon was considered favorable for planting crops and new enterprises, for the success and multiplication of money, the waning moon signaled the completion of business and destruction.

Our "Supermoon" set consists of a wonderful silver ring and earrings. Their base is made of silver, and the inset is a moonstone.

Astrologers believe that moonstone helps to strengthen the feelings of love and warmth in its owner. He helps a person to be soft and patient, and also reveals creativity. It perfectly shimmers both at day time, and at the native night light.