A set "Elven flower". Silver, pearls
SKU: 0775
SKU: 0775

A set "Elven flower". Silver, pearls

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Sterling Silver
Pearls 5-6 mm
White rhodium

If you ask a Scotsman where elves come from, he will point you to the hills. He will also tell you that they can be anywhere. They camouflage themselves in windows and doors, and they often have underground shelters obscured from human view under the guise of wells, gorges and pits.

Elves like to gather on bright moonlit nights in meadows and on crossroads to dance in a circle. There they perform their magical display to the sound of a forest song until the wee hours of the morning.

Elves are very kind beings. They love nature and children and regard their families and homeland with great affection. They are incredible creatures that have been central players in legends and stories for centuries, imbibing them with their bountiful energy and grace. They are children of nature, children of the earth and children of heaven all at the same time.

Our «Elven Flower» set conveys the mystifying essence of elves, as well as a pinch of their miraculous and mysterious universe.

It has been crafted from silver and is covered with white rhodium. The flower’s petals gradually open to reveal to the world a true aesthetic pleasure — a white pearl in all its Gothic beauty and splendour.