SKU: 0195

Ring "Celtic pattern". White gold, black rhodium

Available in showroom: Uzhhorod

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k White Gold
  • Plating: Black rhodium
  • Sizes: Base width — 7 mm


Some jewelry gives us the esthetic pleasure. Another is comfortable to wear so You do not feel the need to change it. There is some jewelry that You wear exclusively during formal meetings — beautiful but not casual. And there are jewelry-symbols that convey the spirit of the era, give a great sense of awareness of being a part of this world. There are rings that affect Your peace of mind and calm confidence in every day. Not because of its being beautiful or comfortable. They are sincere.

This is the virtue we adore seeing in our jewelry. Authentic design, the beauty of forms and naturalness are the concepts we follow unconditionally. But truth and sincerity are of no less importance. It’s the secret key to harmony and happiness.

The wedding rings from our Celtic collection stand out especially due to this feature. It’s simplicity and symbolism take You to the world of travel in ancient times. For example, the Celtic symbol that we depicted on this gold ring, conveys the spirit unity of earthly and heavenly, the integrity of masculine and feminine.

No polarities exist, because everything is organically connected into a single unity. Man and woman make the most organic union in the universe, their love can create new worlds and constellations.