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The ring «Memoria. Kinematic». White and yellow gold

Available in showroom: Kyiv

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k White Gold and 14k Red Gold
  • Base width: 5 mm


A person is a separate state, whose internal laws are manifested in the external world. Man is created from his actions, actions, thoughts. If we assume that an individual exists only here and now outside space and time, then it will not be different from the others.

We are our memories of what we saw, heard and felt. Each person and act influenced our perception, and created a natural chain, at the threshold of which we are standing here and now. No matter how far we have gone, memories will always live in our luggage.

When Faina Ranevskaya was asked why she did not write about Akhmatova, with whom they were very friendly, she replied: «I do not write, because I love her very much.»

Memories are not abstract, they are living and material, they are dressed with feelings and actions. They never leave us, remaining a part of our soul and consciousness. They need to be protected, like the fragile gift of the universe: it knows how to give only treasures.

The ring from the «Memoria» collection is constantly in motion, as our memory never tires of thinking about the past and fantasizing about the future. The base of the ring is made of white gold, and the forged part is made of yellow gold.